30 Second Breakfast Granola

My sister and I have a running joke about hipsters, and how normal words are slowly becoming “hipsterized” like the famous meme where the coffee guy (barista in hipster) is correcting someone about asking for a cookie, where he corrects it and says that it’s a biscotto.  We where laughing at my title, and how hipsters have changed Continue reading


Super Easy Split Pea Soup

I am a big advocate for soup in the summer.  Not only does it cool you down, but it’s a great undiscovered way to showcase fresh produce.  There’s a huge stigma attached to eating soups in north america, I hope one of these days we can break it to really showcase what soups have to offer.

The soup that I have made today is a staple for a vegan christmas eve.  Super simple, super delicious.

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Japanese Red Lentil Curry

I’ve adapted this dish from a staple that I fell in love with when I was in Japan.  It’s concept is simple, tasty, and as easy as you want to make it.  Of course, over the years, it’s changed for a couple of reasons – one, I sometimes can’t find the brand of curry sauce that I want to use (and the others are really bad,) and two, traditionally this meal is cooked with chicken.

If you have ever made this dish for yourself, you’ll know that in Japan, their curry comes in packets you can buy.  It also doubles as a nice Continue reading


Vegan Moroccan Chickpeas

It’s been an off day for me today.  I woke up late, which pushed everything that I normally would do back.  Finally I decided that I needed to go to the store, which I did, but a trip that I thought wouldn’t take that long, basically took 2 hours, and it turns out I didn’t even get all the ingredients that I wanted to get.  Hey, stuff happens sometimes, we just have to adapt to it.

I used the moroccan style of cooking to make this food today.  I had originally found this technique used to cook brown lentils, but have adapted this dish several times using the same technique with great results every time.  The best part about moroccan cooking is that the food is slow cooked and the spices are usually simple, but powerful at the same time.  Continue reading


Yakiniku – Easiest Party Meal Ever!

It’s really been warm in my neck of the woods lately, and every time it is, I like to have a bit of Asian influence in my meals.  This one though, is such an easy concept that I really don’t know how it’s not popular in north america.

I picked this up from Japan, after experiencing it, it’s a great way to eat food, talk and drink a little.

In Japan, this concept is called Yakiniku – in the west, it’s more commonly referred to as Continue reading


Can’t mess this up red lentils

It’s funny, this week I took it upon myself to eat more legumes.   It was then when I realized that I had no recipes to really cook legumes with.  Sure I’ve mentioned some in my legumes section but for me, it wasn’t enough.  I wanted a couple of legume dishes that are the main star of the show, which is how I came up with this great, tasty, can’t screw up recipe for red lentils.  The best part of this recipe was that  all the colours and flavours come out to make this dish even better. Continue reading